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Can Diabetes Affect Your Sexual Purpose!

Type 2 diabetes has the uncanny ability to interrupt and damage many areas of your life. But the area many diabetics never consider becoming affected by the disease... is their sexual performance.

Actually sexual problems are common, and are often associated with Type 2 diabetes. But you also need to remember sexual problems affect other people too... men and women especially as they get older, are having problems with their sex life, whether or not they have diabetes.

There are several ways diabetes can affect your sex life:

1. Erectile dysfunction: This is every man's worst nightmare because it causes so much damage to a man not only physically, but emotionally, as well.

When men become diabetic, they are much more susceptible to nerve damage throughout their entire body. Having a loss of sensation can easily influence a man's level of arousal. A well-functioning circulation is also needed to carry enough blood to the penis.

Even a drop in blood pressure when you stand up, postural hypotension, can be a direct link to an erectile dysfunction problem.

On their own, each of these areas are concerns but when teamed together, they can certainly give you cause to panic.

Don't forget though, the underlying cause may not just be physical but could be related to depression or problems with your relationship. It can also be related to:

underlying cardiovascular disease,
anatomical problems with the penis itself, or
a range of other disorders.

2. Fatigue: Many men and women experience a severe loss of energy when they are diabetic. Since blood sugar is so sensitive to change, these changes impact the diabetic much more than a non-diabetic. Feeling tired and needing additional rest means many activities normally enjoyed are automatically placed on a back burner.

3. Depression: When a Type 2 diabetic allows their condition to gain the slightest bit of control over their life, they will often begin to slip into depression. They become overwhelmed with how limited their life has become and they lose sight of what normally brings them the most pleasure.

Whatever the cause, depression is strongly associated with erectile dysfunction.

4. Weight: The more diabetes is allowed to run rampant in your life, the more likely you are to develop, or increase an existing weight problem. Since excess weight is often directly related to Type 2 diabetes, the more you allow the disease to control you, the more weight you put on. As your weight increases, this negatively impacts men and women, both in:

how they perceive themselves, and
how they feel.

If a person does not feel good, either about themselves or in general, they are much less likely to initiate or become interested in romance.

5. Hormones: Research shows diabetes directly impacts hormones. Once these hormones are thrown out of balance, men, and especially women, will lose interest in areas which have never been an issue previously. Until hormonal balance is restored, the decline will only get worse.

Seeking specialist advice is really important... your doctor will be able to refer you.

Sexual dysfunction is not always brought about due to Type 2 diabetes. The problem can be brought on due to medications prescribed for other medical issues, for example: high blood pressure or hypertension. In this case discontinuing or changing the medication could help solve the problem.

Other factors affecting your sexual function can include:

drugs such as tranquilizers, alcohol, or even marijuana can also cause sexual dysfunction.
emotional stress also affects the libido.
diet can also depress sexual performance

Men with diabetes who smoke also run a greater risk of impotency as nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict. Therefore, smoking can reduce the supply of blood to the penis.

Type 2 diabetes is no longer a condition you must just live with. It need not slowly and inevitably get worse. Now is the time to take control of the disease... and take back your life and reduce the possibility of any diabetic complications.

For nearly 25 years Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and found a number of secrets to help you build a healthy body.

The answer isn't in the endless volumes of available information but in yourself.