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Natural Hair Loss Verified Treatment for Women

According to Relevant Research Inc., there are approximately 21 million female Americans suffering from losing hair. Luckily, there are many treatments including natural, prescription medicines, and surgeries. However, prescription medicines and surgeries are recommended only for very serious hair loss problems.

If you prefer natural hair loss treatment for women, there are many to consider. Below are some of the best.

1. Massaging Scalp

There are several studies that showed poor blood flow as a culprit to hair loss. The hair follicles do not receive enough oxygen to produce healthy hair. in this case, massage will be an effective hair loss treatment for women. Women who are suffering from losing their hair are advised to massage their scalp at least every other day. It can be done using two fingers to be moved in a circular motion in such a way that hair is not pulled. It should be done for three to five minutes. Massaging the scalp should help you improve blood flow in the area resulting to a healthier scalp and hair follicles.

You can also combine massage with aromatherapy. Get bay leaf, lavender oil and almond oil. If you don't have almond oil, you can also use sesame oil. Mix the ingredients and apply it to the scalp. Your scalp should feel relaxed. Let it stay for additional 15 minutes after the 5-minute massage.

2. Nourishing the Hair

Aside from massaging, one must also nourish the hair which can be done from inside and out. Nourishing the hair from the inside can be done by engaging to a healthy diet. Be sure to eat foods that are rich in protein. They are not only good for the body. The protein and other nutrients can also be passed on to the hair follicles. The protein can be used to build new protein that consists of keratin that makes up the hair.

In addition, the hair needs to be nourished externally. There are vitamins, nutrients and oils that can be applied to the hair. Some options are herbal oil like Jojoba oil and the ones that contain B vitamins.

3. Deep-Conditioning

There are some natural deep conditioners that you can buy. They are to be used once or twice a week. They are like regular conditioners but they are to be left for a longer period. Make sure to look for the directions for use. You should also check the ingredients. Avoid deep conditioners that have chemicals such as lauryl sulfate. It would be better if the conditioner is made from natural ingredients.

Hair loss is a problem by both men and women but women seem to be more conscious about it. Various treatments are available but mild hair loss problems can be treated with a cheap, safe and natural hair loss treatment for women. One can massage scalp to improve blood flow. It is better if oils used for aromatherapy will also be applied. One should also nourish hair from inside and out through protein-rich diet and application of hair vitamins with essential oils like Jojoba oil. Deep conditioning is also a natural way to treat hair loss.

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